Corporate Learning & Development

Spearheaded by senior seasoned corporate executives for young aspiring corporate executives, our Corporate Learning & Development vertical has been a pioneering force in helping the organizations for developing leaders and their employees who transform organizations for higher productivity, revenue and profitability.

Our hard core corporate experienced and diverse team strives to be the trusted Learning & Development Partner of choice for ambitious individuals and organizations.

mindbeans offers a flexible, customised, cost-effective solutions to corporates & MSMEs to develop their human resources, across levels, for Cultural Change, Adaptive Leadership, Common Goal Alignment, Team Trust & Delegation, Enterprise Agility and thus enabling of high performance – positive environment, with continuous sustainability, at the workplace.

Our Project team also takes up MSMEs and corporates on BOT basis for team development, operations & process excellence, cost optimisation, put distribution expansion & positive ROI and turnaround the struggling units on time bound result oriented basis.

We also act as an incubator for Sales Professionals for various industries where we develop the young freshers thru our in-house rigorous training programmes and prepare them to take up the real challenges at the ground level thus enabling them to deliver kpis, revenue as well growth from the day one.

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Leadership Development

Our leadership framework is built around a leadership equation that helps the organization to achieve leadership strength through building a pipeline of top talent, identifying key experiences and providing focused development. We customized the solutions as per the need, industry, profile and role of the target segment. Our featured solutions include:

  • Stepping into Leadership.
  • Leader as a coach.
  • Goal Setting for team success.
  • Challenge of managing millennial.
  • Adaptive Leadership.
  • Interviewing Skills and Performance assessment.
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Behavioural Interventions & Soft Skills

Our behaviour altering and soft skill training modules are intended to ensure skills development and facilitate high performance along with efficiency at the workplace while constantly keeping an eye on organizational goals as well culture. Our most desired modules are:

  • Effective communication.
  • Interpersonal relationship.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Return on Time Management- R.O.T.I.
  • Stress Management & Work Life Balance.
  • Emotional Intelligence at the workplace.
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Competency Mapping & Skill Matrix

We help the organisation in mapping the skill required and desired of their team in a different function or a project thus highlighting the gap to both individuals as well organisation for increased awareness of missing skills which help to prevent pitfalls and do the necessary correction in time bound manner.

  • Creating Organizational Competency Frameworks.
  • Defining Competencies through behavioral indicators.
  • Describing Proficiency levels.
  • Mapping the nominated employees.
  • Figuring out the competency gaps.
  • Root cause and Solutions with Training Needs.
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Sales Training & Incubator

Our sales training programs are tailor made to suit specific industry & organisation dynamics and challenges.  Our deep understanding of the nuances of different segments and channels – corporate, digital, retail, direct and inside sales adds significant value to clients. These capabilities, coupled with the expertise to adapt our sales training programs to different geographies, cultures and regional languages of India, make us the one of the most preferred sales training partners of different organisations across industries. Our most successful sales training modules are:

  • Managing Channel Partners & ROI maximization.
  • Mastering Negotiation & Closing Skills.
  • Enhancement of Met to closing ratio.
  • Effectively leveraging LMS and Networking.
  • Grooming and Presentation skills.
  • Business Growth thru Customer Excellence.
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Assessment Centers & Effective Hiring Tools

We conduct Assessment Centers for both external as well internal hiring/talent pool for identifying occupational aptitude and appropriate fit, besides reducing even unconscious bias using diagnostic techniques and scientific tools such as:

  • Psychometric Analysis.
  • Equitable hiring analytical tool.
  • Focused Group Discussions.
  • Panel Interviews.
  • Business Simulations & Management Games.
  • Role plays & fact finding.
  • We also identify the training and development needs of the individual with customized inputs to management.
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MSMEs & Start-ups  

We are one of the leading facilitators engaged in helping early Start-ups and MSMEs in their establishment and sustained growth as well as success. We not only educate them on the challenges and opportunities but also provide them necessary guidance and handholding for solid foundation with sustainable growth. We provide the following services to MSMEs and start-ups so that they can strive and start early in their entrepreneur journey:

  • Company setup and regulatory requirements/approvals.
  • Solutions regarding effective technology and cost optimisation.
  • Assisting them for Mentors, Incubators, Funding and collaboration.
  • Business Plan and Launching Strategy.
  • Branding, Communication and Marketing tools.
  • Govt schemes, facilities and support mechanisms.

Executive & Performance Coaching

Our high-performance coaching service is designed for executives, leaders, and managers who are looking to elevate their individual effectiveness. We customize one on one coaching program that equips corporate executives with new perspectives, approaches and skills that significantly increase their day-to-day performance, leaving them with meaningful insights that help them fulfill their highest aspirations.

  • We provide high quality, reflective support for individuals seeking to capitalise on their known skills and dig deeper into their personal potential.
  • We empower professionals for making tough decisions and to deal with stress and burnout.
  • We facilitate professional to unlock their potential and taking the performance from “Good to Great”.
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Projects & Quality Certification

We take different projects, both on long term and short term basis, of small to mid-size companies, on BOT basis, for launching or turnaround on defined KPIs. We help them to build a robust process, motivated skilled team, effective profitable channel and sustainable business plan.

  • Distribution Channel- strategy, expansion and positive ROI.
  • Digitization- website, apps and appropriate technology.
  • Human Capital- recruitment, training and development.
  • Process reengineering – technology enabled, cost efficient and customer centric.
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Organizational Effectiveness

Through our Organizational Effectiveness services, we work in partnership with organisations to facilitate organizational transformation and sustained change that truly makes a difference. We leverage strengths, minimize weaknesses and create breakthroughs in the organisation design and the way business is done. We create a lasting impact to optimize the performance of the organization and break down the barriers standing in its way. Our portfolio includes:

  • Strategy Development Processes and Services.
  • Leadership Retreats.
  • Barriers to Productive Analysis and their solutions.
  • Needs analysis and culture assessment process .
  • Innovation and Agility Enhancement.