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Why mindbeans

Explore your true hidden potential and then select your career through the latest scientific tools and well researched options.

Don’t rush or get influenced in choosing your roadmap, take the help of our hardcore experienced professionals, advanced technology, unique process and lifetime support.

We are unique in a way that we have highly reliable assessment tools for both inborn talents and personality traits (DMIT) as well as acquired skills and abilities (psychometric assessment).

We provide a multilingual assessment report and are committed to provide unlimited counselling sessions. Our Life cycle Academic Management tool is based on AI and can be assessed from primary till post-graduation.



• Are based on the latest advanced researched tools, technology and scientific approach.
• Parameters are multidimensional with high accuracy & reliability.
• We do assessment, evaluation, analysis and then suggest appropriate fit.
• Different tests for different age groups as per individual objective unlike others.
• Our assessment caters different segments.



• Our counselling is interactive multi sessions with 360 degree support.
• We suggest the right course/subject, career and institute based on individual interest, aptitude, skill and academic analysis.
• Personalized structured unbiased counselling and not a general one.
• We conduct a separate session with parents



• Complete road map & development plan.
• Extensive researched content on colleges, courses, career options.
• Regular updates on upcoming exams, important dates/milestones and latest notifications.
• Customized information on scholarships, SOP, resume writing, visa process, etc.



• Cater from primary to post graduation level as well as to corporate executives.
• Assessment, evaluation, development plans & road map –all under one roof.
• Highly professional team and Industry expert interaction.
• We coach you guide you mentor you and develop you, not just the assessment.

Career Counseling in Kolkata India

Do You Know ?

  • Every hour one student commits suicide in India, with about 28 such suicides reported every day.
  • As per a Lancet report, India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29.
  • The top 5 reasons for Suicide and stress among students are:
    • Forced career choices- fear of failure.
    • Career expectations and pressure from parents, peers and society.
    • Lack of support from Educational Institutions.
    • Not Speaking Up– Lack of professional Counselling.
    • Examination Centric Education.
  • Currently 25% of Indian students between the age of 4 and 16 experience “extreme stress” during the school year – parental, academic and peer pressure.
  • 25% of students suffer from psychiatric disorders. 20% show signs of mental disorders.
  • In the last five years, as many as 7,248 students dropped out from IITs alone, reason – a wrong career choice.
  • Dropout from IIMs are increasing for the last 3 years- mismatch fit.
  • In a recent survey, nearly 48% of Medical students want to opt midway- no pre admission assessment..
  • Almost 30-40% of today’s job would never be relevant after 5 to 10 years.
  • Only about 25% of students among engineering graduates are equipped and worthy enough for taking up job roles and responsibilities in the field of engineering.
Take Informed Career Decisions. Check your Career Suitability in 30 Minutes.

Our Process

mindbeans follows a holistic approach in identifying the individual aptitude, style, orientation and innermost talent followed by suggesting best fit solutions thru highly reliable and accurate scientific tools.

Our assessment can be completed online in just 30-40 minutes but its effects will last a lifetime
We use highly researched, reliable, accurate and latest scientific multidimensional tools for assessment of personality traits, aptitude, attributes, cognitive ability, motivation, values, preferences, learning patterns as well working style to understand objectively in depth and all round view of an individual. We have different tests for different age groups and purposes which gives the detailed outcome thus helping the individual to self-discover the hidden potential and capabilities to succeed in his professional journey.

Our detailed comprehensive report reflects the multidimensional personality traits and learning style so that the same can be applied on a daily basis. Evaluation of the assessment report is the key and the most critical part of the whole process. Our hardcore experienced counsellors do the 360 degree evaluation, making it understand to an individual in simple terms and thus helping them in taking right decision in selecting appropriate stream, course or career. Based on report and personality traits, we do personalized profiling of an individual by scientific process of extrapolating information and algorithm so that the individuality and uniqueness are reflected without any deviation.

Our experienced certified professional counsellors, equipped with updated information as well technology, facilitate the individual in taking the right decision on stream, course, career, institution or learning style. We arrange both online as well face to face multi counselling sessions to make the complete process easy and implementable. Our counselling and guidance approach is transparent as well unbiased with the systemic process of steering from the stage of confusion to absolute clarity.

The whole process is incomplete without finalizing the roadmap and development plan. We with the help of our technology driven platform, assist the individual in designing the customized roadmap and periodical development plan. We are always open for repeated counselling or inputs (on prior schedule).

We also engage parents in the career counselling and development process so that they can also understand the personality, learning style, individuals preferences, innermost talent and potentiality of their children and thus supporting them in exploring their “dream jobs” instead of influencing them of their own or social driven career choices. We also guide the parents regarding their rational inputs and own influence (what and how much) in career decisions of their children, latest career options/methodology/learning platforms/critical tools and facilitating programs etc.

We have a rich content and information resource center which we keep updating regularly. We assist our aspiring individuals with customized information’s, list of institutes, the ranking of courses and colleges, exam pattern, application process etc. on regular basis so that they should have a clear understanding and don’t miss out on important aspects.

Different institutes and overseas Universities have different application processes, requirements and selection criteria. We assist in this process and guide them as per individual eligibility and preferences. We also provide support in coordinating with different institutes, applicable exams, its schedule, pattern and high scoring tips.

Our Executive and Life coaches with individual one-to-one coaching, equip one to deal more confidently and competently with critical near-term issues. Our one to one mentoring gives individuals control over their own learning process, supports them in clarifying their goals and provides them with the reflective space to enable them to make sense of their lives and help them to make the transitions and changes they want to make. We leverage the individual’s strengths and develop the areas of improvement through regular positive meaningful interactions and strategies.

What all make us different from others...

Great place for a great career - Mindbeans is a choice of the millennial generation



• Artificial intelligence & machine learning technology.
• Best fit college /courses match based on algorithm and profile.



• Analytics driven platform.
• Multi dimension assessments thru one test.
• Multi counselling sessions.



• Preference of scientific & unbiased approach in career decisions.
• Minimum human interference.
• Structured Road Maps.



• DMIT finger print.
• Psychometric tests.
• Research driven resources & updated content.



• Application process / SOP.
• Scholarships.
• Placement Assistance.
• Exam & important dates.
• Internship.



• Rich experienced team of professionals.
• Parental interaction.
• Industry experts interaction.

Our Services

One Hub for all Career Solutions


For Students

• Career assessment
• Personality assessment
• Learning style assessment
• Career counselling
• Profile builder
• Career selection
• Stream selection
• Fees calculator
• Mentoring
• Regular updates
• Development plan
• College guidance
• Study abroad
• Scholarship /visa assistance
• Alumni network


For Job Aspirants

• Career selection
• Personality-career suitability assessment
• Internship
• Resume builder
• Higher study options
• Skill upgrade add on courses
• Mock interviews
• Campus selection support
• Interview guidance
• Company feedback
• Alumni network
• New location support
• Regular updates
• Workshops
• Industry expert interaction


For Employed Professionals

• Resume builder
• Psychometric assessment
• Personality-career suitability assessment
• Career shift counselling
• Skill upgrade courses
• Alumni network
• Referral network
• Image branding
• Inhibitions barrier inputs
• Mock interviews & tips
• Soft skills training
• Behavioral training
• Executive & performance coaching
• Mentoring
• Emotional Intelligence Test

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Corporate Training

What our clients say about our work

Career Counseling in Kolkata India

I recently had a consultation with mindbeans career and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I went into the session feeling a little overwhelmed about my career options and preferences and team mindbeans was fantastic in helping me to develop more clarity around these. The session was well organised, thorough and the additional follow-up after the session helped to consolidate everything we had discussed during the session.

Amit Jha (Student)

I really like how the mindbeans counselor cleared all my doubts with patience and interest. Their assessment report helped me understand my inherent strengths and gave a detailed insights on best career fit for me.Their career roadmap is so structured and clear to follow, which made my task easier.It was a great experience.I owe my admission in LAW in top 5 colleges to mindbeans.

Kushal Ghosh (Student)

Thank you for your help with my career planning and updating my resume. I really appreciate your input and advice not only about the career choices, but also about how to effectively seek opportunities and make good use of my resources. The assessment tests report was so eye opener as well realistic (say so true about my personality) and technology platform of yours are so easy although quite informative with all customized details.Thanks again.

Subrat Pattnaik (Student)

Becoming a part of mindbeans is one of the decisions, I would never regret.. From my school life to my plans in the future, mindbeans changed my whole prespective.Their counsellors are so helping,motivating and encouraging .  At first, I thought that it would be like a student-teacher kind of thing but we  developed a very friendly relationship and we discuss things quite comfortably .There is a sense of trust that has formed between us. mindbeans helped me get clear with many of my confusions and is assisting me to shape my future. Career guidance and right road map  is one of the key things which every one requires and mindbeans team is simply excelling in it.This journey has been enriching as well enjoyable and I would never like it to stop.

Koel Mukherjee (Student)

 I never thought that I would be able to get such a high score in GMAT after an average in Board as well Graduation exams.Thanks to team of mindbeans,for perfect guidance and key tips that I got invitation from top six colleges of US.Thanks to their unique SOP and profile building team which helped me in standing out different from the general crowd.Their mock interview practice sessions with detailed research on different topics is really commendable.

Shishir Agarwal (Student)

Career Counseling in Kolkata India

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