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Empowering Educators, Schools & Institutes thru innovative scientific solutions, tools and technology-led academic support system to help teachers to facilitate their students for appropriate career fit and take informed decisions regarding their professional journey. We support you  in enhancing the impact of your school, college, or faculty  by equipping your students to make the right choices for them.

We create stimulating learning environments that make learning more involving and enriching for the students with insights about student performance that are accessible and actionable.


Assessment and Career Counselling

We conduct assessment and career counselling sessions for the students of schools and colleges to assist them in selecting the right career, stream, course and institute based on their ability, aptitude, learning style, orientation skill, interest and inherent talent.
We provide highly reliable, latest, scientific assessment tools and technology driven platforms to institutes so that it can discover, explore and further understand their student’s inclination for choosing their own dream career with least regret later.
Our expert counsellors act as a catalyst in navigating them to their passion driven profession for deeper impact and personal satisfaction.
We also conduct Career Talk & Career Planning workshops in institutes to make their students and parents aware of different career avenues and the admission process with important milestones.
Our experts on overseas education map the right mix of courses, universities and country/city, based on one’s budget, interest, ability and eligibility and also guide them end to end on the application process.


Pre Placement Workshops

A good academic score sheet and technical fundamentals is only one aspect of the recruitment process. Organizations today employ unique techniques and tools during campus recruitment to ensure that those hired will meet its requirements.
We conduct stream wise pre placement training, group discussions and workshops so that students can have a detailed understanding of specific industry, organisation and role.
Students are trained to develop their skills to handle interviews, assessment tests and inputs on problem solving exercise thru series of mock interviews, practice on assessment tests and role plays to emerge successfully. Our experienced career experts facilitate the students in creating a professional resume and profile.
We also impart to students, specific technical and non-technical pre-placement training and assist them in improving their communication and presentation skills. Our seminars by industry experts equip the students to face the corporate challenges and excel in their professional journeys.


Career Fair and Activity Workshops

We organise career fairs in schools and colleges to provide an interface between academia, students and corporates thus enabling an interactive platform for the students to explore different career avenues or institutions for higher studies.
Our both, virtual as well face to face Career fairs, are highly creative and innovative thus provide the students to sharpen their professional skills and identify the appropriate career fit.
Our activities and game based fairs, bundled with a series of workshops and creative assignments, provide them insights of different career avenues, challenges and skill sets required to succeed.
We also organise different theme based learning workshops thru activities and games for students at all levels.
Our structured workshops are a mix of furious activity, relaxation, Neurobics, Brain simulations, music, mind games, sleep and lots of fun thus providing a stress free and friendly learning environment. These activities driven workshops enhance and balance the IQ and EQ.


eLearning& assessment -

We provide comprehensive technology driven system with AI learning platform to schools and institutions for creating a creative ecosystem for all stakeholders viz students, teachers, principals as well parents to analyse the learning outcomes of individual student thru simple dashboard .We create customised question banks for the mock tests both for regular as well competitive examinations with the instant results and right solutions of the wrong answers thus assisting students in self-practice, analyse their performance and clear the doubts with instant solutions.
It also empowers teachers to design their own assessment tests to evaluate its students regularly on the syllabus taught and thus identify the individual gap areas.
Our user friendly dashboards and multi-dimensional analytics help principal/HOD to analyse the performance in an easy but detailed way. Parents also stay informed thru regular feedback along with performance analysis of their children thus redefining the communication between parents and institutes.


Workshop for Teachers

Teachers act as a role model for students and they are every student’s first guide to academics & career guidance. They give children purpose, set them up for success and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life. Their role is to guide students in making the right decision with regards to career plans based on their abilities, skills, interests, job opportunities and latest career trends as well avenues.
Hence, it is very important for teachers not only to have a skill set of career counselling but also keep an update on career avenues, latest courses, streams and colleges. They must be an expert on report evaluation of the scientific based psychometric tests.
We conduct regular workshops/webinars for the teachers and empower them with deep a understanding of assessment report evaluation and latest career options. We also make them equipped with key inputs so that they can rightly guide their students on the career selection which is as per their ability, interest, inherent talent and skills. Our regular newsletter and updates keep teachers aware of the latest happenings in education as well as the new-age career field.


Online teaching platform-

We facilitate the schools as well higher educational institutes in setting up and running seamlessly their online classes and courses.
It is quick to implement, easy to run without any technical hassles, scalable and compatible across desktops, mobiles and tablets.
The inbuilt tools integrated with different payment gateways help in setting up the courses or classes and start reaching out to students via in-built SMS and email system.
It also provides the facility of assessment, generation of different reports thru dashboard and engagement with both students and parents.
Our powerful student features like progress tracking, timely reminders, and participate in forum discussions to obtain solutions to their queries, make the students thrive.
It is a white labeled application that can be customized as per individual brand logo, favicon, color scheme, domain, e-mail address and more to match one’s brand image with high level security features.

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