Career Opportunities in Data Science

Over the years, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in technology. The world is evolving at a rapid pace and shaping according to the ever-changing trends. And, one of the latest trends in the modern world is Data Science. Moreover, it’s one of most the sought-after career options for today’s youth.

Whether it’s a Multinational organization or a small startup, all of them require a skilled Data Scientist to properly utilize the massive amount of data they generate and store. As a result, there is a perpetual demand for Data Scientists in the present and future as well.

However, many are unaware of Data Science as a career option and even find it quite perplexing. But you don’t need to worry. Here we have provided a detailed guide to Data Science and how you can make a career in this field.

What is Data Science?

The term ‘Data Science’ was introduced in 2008 when several industries recognized the need for data consultants who can effortlessly analyze and organize a massive amount of data.

Data Science is defined as the potential to make data comprehensible and processable to pull quality out of it.

A data scientist should be capable of identifying related questions, gathering information from various data sources, assembling the information, converting outcome into solutions, and interacting with the finding to make most of the business.

What is the Role of a Data Scientist?

Data Science is often referred as the “Hottest job of the twenty first century.” And, the demand for data scientists is increasing gradually around the world. The major roles of a Data Scientist include:

  • The function of big data:The function of big data becomes vital for traditional organization, as this data can constantly transform several business strategies and marketing techniques. Data Scientists are the cornerstone of this chain. Furthermore, big data generation results in a perpetual scope of data analytics and DevOps.

And, all these happen because of the broad range of software, from human resources and marketing to R&D and financial forecasts. It becomes quite challenging to manage and interpret all the data extracted these services.

  • Important Data Science Skills: Data Scientists proficient in utilizing multiple software such as java, Python, Hadoop and Pig. Their job comprises of business exploration, data management and structuring analytics. The major reason behind the perpetual demand of data scientists is digitalization.

Moreover, data scientists are often considered as the game changer for any organization. They have the ability to meticulously examine the data and come with the solution for the enhancement process quickly and efficiently. Additionally, skilled data scientists help in building marketing strategies and also provide excellent suggestions on the product front.

What are the Skills Required to be a Data Scientist?

When it comes to data science, skills play a vital role. For this job role, your degree doesn’t matter much, but your experience and skills matter the most. However, this doesn’t mean that freshers have a low chance of getting hired, but most multinational companies usually prefer to hire candidates who skilled and have a decent experience in this field.

And, there is no magic spell that can turn you into a professional data scientist. As a student, you need to devote your valuable time and efforts gain a control over this subject.

Below are the five major skills required to become a data scientist:

  1. Multivariable Linear Algebra and Calculus:

Most data science models and machine learning are developed with the help of multiple variables. Carrying a proper knowledge in multivariable calculus is proven be beneficial while developing a machine learning model. Below are some Mathematics topics that are essential for acquiring data science skills:

  • Cost Function
  • Gradients and Derivatives
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Vector and Scalar
  • Stepwise Function and Rectified Linear Unit Function
  • Tensor and Matrix Functions
  • Wrangling of Data:

Raw data cannot be used for modelling purposes. Here data scientists are required to arrange the data for further examining. For wrangling the data, you will have to acquire and consolidate them with the associated data. Furthermore, learning this skill will help you succeed in your data science career.

  • Cloud Computing:

Data Scientists utilize the products and services of computing for processing the data. The day-to-day job of a data scientists encompass visualization and examination of data stored in the cloud storage.

Data science and cloud computing go side-by-side as it allows data scientists to take the advantage of various platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. This can help provide access to operating tools, programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

  • Basic Understanding of Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is one of the primary requirements for any job role. Moreover, it is the key platform for a defined data algorithm.

Microsoft Excel is proven to be the best editor in two-dimensional data and it even allows a live contact to an existing excel sheet in Python. Additionally, it makes manipulation of data quite easier as compared to other platforms.

  • DevOps:

Many people believe that DevOps has nothing to do with data science and an individual specializing in DevOps can never switch to data science. But that’s not the reality. The DevOps board more or less work with the developer to manage the cycle of applications.

It provides highly accessible cluster of Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Airflow, and Apache Kafka to handle the collection and transform the information.

Scope of Data Science

The scope in this industry is growing year-by-year. We are living in the era of digital revolution and in this age of digitalization, there is an enormous growth of data. And, this growth provides glimpse of the present as well as future scope of data science. There is a great scope of data science in various sectors such as Health-Care, E-commerce, transport and so on.

Concluding Thoughts

Since, its inception in 2008, data science has evolved one of the hottest and in-demand career option. And, it undeniably offers a great scope in present and future as well. So, if data science is something that excites you then you should definitely give it a try and acquire the required skills to succeed in your data science career.

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