Career after class 10th

career options after 10th

Once the results of class 10th are out, students get stuck in the selection of the stream for their intermediate or any other courses. It is easy for the students who have a clear vision about their career but will be difficult if you are listening to all the streams and options for the first time. In such conditions counselling is must after the class 10th. Here we will be discussing all the major things that will be helpful for you and which you must know after class 10th. We will be also discussing how you need to select your stream and what you must not do.

career options after 10th

What are the different streams you can opt after 10th?


After passing out class 10th, it is found that the maximum number of students try for the science stream because it offers a vast scope further. But this doesn’t mean that other streams are not worth it. All the streams have their own importance. In science stream, the subjects that are included are: Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, etc. These are the major subjects that you will find in this stream. You can make the combination that you want but remember that physics and chemistry will be compulsory no matter whether you choose biology or mathematics. These subjects include both theory and practical knowledge.

Scope after science:

Many of the students still have doubts in their minds that why should they choose science and what are the several scope after it? So, the major sectors considered after science as a stream are: Engineering and Medical. You can appear in exams like JEE and NEET after class 12th from science stream. If you want to become a doctor or engineer you must take science after class 10th.

Also, don’t build misconcet that no other fields are available for the science student. After science, you can appear for many government exams as well. You can also choose any other stream in your graduation although you are a science student in your intermediate.


Another stream, with lots of scope is Commerce. If you are interested in finance, economics or anything related to the market, this stream will be most suitable for your bright future. In this stream, you have to be familiar with accountancy, finance, management, economics, business, etc. This is more for business or market oriented students.

This stream will help you get familiar with everything about the market and stock as well. Since the commerce sector has been rapidly developing, thus this stream will have many scopes in current time as well as in the coming future.

Scope after Commerce:

After selecting commerce as your stream in class 12th, you have lots of career options further. Some of the major are: Chartered Accountant, CS, CMA, Banking sectors, MBA, business, stock market, share market, etc. Apart from these specific stream related careers, you can also give several government exams such as UPSC, state PSC, SSC, etc.

There are many career options in the commerce field, but first of all you need to make your goals clear about opting for it.


If you see in today’s context, humanities have now become a most demanded stream since a big number of students are opting it. Humanities have a big range of career options. The major subjects that are included in this stream are: history, geography, psychology, political science, music, dance, specific Language, design, etc.

These subjects are majorly related to creative thinking. It has a great diversity, if you talk about the subjects. Also you can opt for many career options afterwards as well.

Scope after humanities:

There are a number of career options after humanities. You can either master one of your subjects and become a lecturer if you are passionate about teaching. Moreover, you can opt for a career in singing, dancing, designing, arts etc. You can also go for psychology, and journalism as well.

Many of the students from this stream nowadays appear for big government posts through the exams such as UPSC, SSC, PSC, CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, RRB, AICO, etc.

career counseling after class 10th

Other short term courses to pursue after class 10th:

Many of the students might be wondering about, is it compulsory only to attend intermediate after your class 10th? So, there is no such compulsion. You can also opt for many other short term courses such as: polytechnic diploma courses, ITI, paramedical courses, etc. You can also do some short-term certificate courses such as Tally, DTP, graphics, computer courses, etc.

Some of these courses can directly help you in getting a job and other than it also helps you to add up some skills in your resume and to get other high-level jobs further.

How to choose the streams and what are the mistakes often made?

After class 10th, many of the students seem to be confused about which stream to choose? This confusion is obvious if you are not serious about your goals or have not decided on anyone yet. You should keep a much clearer concept about what you have to do in the future. Ask yourself, whether you want to see yourself as a doctor, engineer, scientist, CA, manager, government employee, etc in the coming future and this will help you decide your stream.

But still many times it happens that the students themselves are not aware of their goals, and this is when you require proper counselling to make you realize your actual interest and get some motivation as well. As an educational institute, it is the major duty of Mindbeans to provide our students with the best counselling and let them help in deciding their goals.

But there are some major mistakes that the students should prevent from doing such as:

-Do not follow the crowd, do what seems important and interesting to you.

-Never choose a stream in pressure created by someone. It is your career, you should be the one deciding.

-Never feel lazy to research the field you are interested in or any other stream.

Thus, here we discussed the major streams and career options available after class 10th. Also, remember that you just need to select the stream very carefully as per your interest. Mindbeans is always for the students to help them find out the stream suitable for them through proper counselling and also ensure to help the students develop about the maximum career options available and then choose the one that seems suitable for them.

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